Mobile Shopping App

The new BIPA App keeps you up-to-date

Smart shopping

The BIPA Mobile Shopping  app, which was relaunched in July 2016, has some new features such as the BIPA Online Shop, a product scanner, a shopping list and vouchers, along with some popular classics ones, like the “shop finder” and the “BIPACard”.

Directly connected with online shop and CMS

The existing mobile shop had already been implemented for mobile devices, therefore it was integrated in the app as mobile web view. However, the search tool, the log-in and the navigation section were developed separately for Android and iOS. The online shop also provides editorial content for the news stream.

Personal news stream

Users find current offers, automatic messages such as birthday and welcome messages, and personal vouchers in the news stream. In the section “vouchers” users can also add their personal paper vouchers in the app by tapping on the “+” icon and scanning them.

Mobile payment with Bluecode and Apple Watch

By connecting to the Bluecode app users can pay with their smartphone or directly from the Apple Watch. All it takes is to register in the Bluecode app.

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