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Together with our clients, we develop concepts for digital products - from apps for iOS and Android, smartwatches, smartphones and tablets to responsive web platforms.

We do UX/UI Design

The design process, as we understand it, begins with market research and user interviews. We define personas and user scenarios before moving on to User Experience and User Interface Design and testing, the results of which flow back into the process if necessary.


Our workshops range from the development of user journeys and concept development to requirements for apps and workshops on platforms.

User Journeys

We create and review personas and analyse their user journeys. We conduct market and user research for our clients, interview users and analyse their competitors.


Our approach to wireframing already starts with a conceptual design in the planning phase of a project. Then we continue with the detailed representation of the structure and logic of an app.


Some behaviour or certain user expectations only become apparent when we try them out. That's why we test different layouts, functions, flows or designs and create non-functional prototypes.

Usability Testing

Heuristic evaluation and expert reviews are one part of our usability testing. Another is the conception and execution of on- and offline testing, guided prototype testing, concept, content and design testing, clickable prototypes, A/B testing and checking UX metrics.

User Interface Design

We implement design for web and desktop applications (responsive, of course) and mobile applications (iOS and Android). In animation design, our range of services extends from the idea to the concept to the implementation of animations.


To create concepts and bring them to life, we work with a wide variety of tools. These include Sketch, Figma, Zeplin, Abstract, Overflow and Balsamiq Wireframes.

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