bluesource - Strategy and Consulting

Our view from the outside takes into account users and the technology behind it. We show you ways to your (app) goal and precisely work out all requirements and needs. Our strategy and consulting services give you everything you need to make the best decisions and set the right priorities. 

What is the best way to achieve your (app) goal?

Which tools and technologies are state of the art and best suited for this? Which specifications must be taken into account? What budget should be calculated for this? What is a realistic timetable? With strategy and consulting from bluesource, the question marks disappear. We advise you on all relevant questions and together we develop successfully realisable concepts. 

Idea generation

You know what you want. But how? This is where we come in. Often it's about improving processes or making workflows easier. We provide you with the sparkling ideas. Together with you, we work out where to start. 
Achieve even more with data

Strategy finding

Once the idea is there, we develop the strategy to realise it. Step by step and taking into account all critical points, we show you the best way to make your idea a success - including the right tools and state-of-the-art technologies.


A joint workshop is the ideal way to prepare together for the upcoming app project. Working together minimises unwanted surprises, ensures the greatest possible clarity on both sides and shines with the highest level of acceptance.

Requirements engineering

With requirements engineering, we ensure that you as the client and we as the developers have the same understanding of the solution to be developed and the requirements placed on it. In this way we guarantee the success of the project and its high quality. 
Always in combination with UX/UI Design

Solution design

We analyse requirements, check feasibility and develop a system architecture that takes processes and structures into account and ensures optimal interaction. In addition, we define mobile-optimised interfaces and implement tracking concepts.

Security by design

We already take security requirements into account during the development of a software solution. In this way, no security-relevant vulnerabilities emerge later, external attack possibilities are minimised and expensive retrofitting is avoided. 

Our sector focus

Benefiting from digitalisation

Companies that use digitalisation and software solutions correctly leave the competition behind. With our advice and the strategies we develop, you will find the right solutions to digitalise and simplify your processes and minimise sources of error in your company. What are you waiting for?

Sustainable power

Who is ahead of the game? Companies that use digitalisation and software solutions correctly.
Leave the competition behind!


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