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Reaching all employees quickly and directly - this is the challenge facing national and especially international companies. By using a customised employee app, you can reach employees regardless of intranet access, location, language and hierarchical level.

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The solution for your internal communication

There are many employee apps, but none is as customisable as hAPPydo® HR. The communication solution creates transparency and a uniform level of knowledge and thus promotes motivation and identification with you, the employer.

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You choose which modules and features should be displayed in the employee app. With hAPPydo® HR, we have developed an employee app with countless features for benefits, jobs, surveys, employee magazine, chat, social wall, notice board and much more.
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Your corporate design

hAPPydo® HR is not an off-the-shelf app: the appearance is just as adaptable to your company's corporate design as the design in the store, the app icon, the menu items or the text. You manage the content centrally via the content management system.
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Everywhere for everyone

Different languages, access to the intranet, different locations - it makes no difference to the employee app. One app is enough to communicate with all your employees - quickly and easily, actively and directly. That's what appreciative communication is all about.
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Information, "news", event dates in a separate calendar - the hAPPydo® HR app covers all this and presents it clearly. Important information can also be sent to employees in real time as a push notification.
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Use the attention of moving images to convey corporate messages and draw employees' attention to the benefits of your company with videos. Employees can also share and comment on these videos in the app.
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Bye, bye WhatsApp. In the hAPPydo® HR employee app, communication is encrypted. This means that company-related data is also secure. All content is managed centrally, which is a decisive advantage, both for security and use as well as for maintenance and care of the app.

Successful in use

Well-known companies are already using hAPPydo® HR. They communicate across locations, in different languages with thousands of employees. The appearance of their employee apps has been customised just as much as the functionality has been adapted to the respective requirements of the companies.

Your individual employee app

Are you looking for a customised, direct solution for your internal communication that really reaches all your employees? Whether in the office, in the field, in branches or in the home office - with hAPPydo® HR you provide all your employees with information and company news in real time. Find out more on the hAPPydo® HR website or contact us directly!


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Successful employee communication demands in many areas: Language, access, locations. Reach ALL your employees easily and quickly - with hAPPydo HR.

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