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Specialists in app development

We come from the Austrian “Silicon Valley”, Hagenberg. bluesource - mobile solutions has its Headquarters at the Softwarepark Hagenberg. This is where the highest number of technical innovations made in Austria are produced. This is where research and app development come together with interdisciplinary and forward-looking thinking, paired with a strong focus on taking action.


Who works at bluesource? What do the people I exchange e-mails with look like? Who is the person I talk to on the phone all the time? You can find them here: The employees at bluesource. Together, we are a strong team that masters challenges and makes customers happy with a sense of efficiency, quality and passion.


Portrait of Wolfgang Stockner CEO Wolfgang Stockner kneels behind diving equipment.
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Wolfgang Stockner
Portrait of Roland Sprengseis COO Roland Sprengseis carries his wakeboard.
COO - Chief Operating Officer
Roland Sprengseis
Portrait of Martin Sprengseis Employee Martin Sprengseis has just shot a basketball.
Managing Partner, Sales Banks & Insurances
Martin Sprengseis-Kogler
Portrait of Angela Tesar Employee Angela Tesar shows music sheets
CMO - Chief Marketing Officer
Angela Tesar
Portrait of Karin Scheiblhofer Employee Karin Scheiblhofer plays with a Rubik's cube
CPO - Chief Product Officer
Karin Scheiblhofer
Portrait of Thomas Otzasek Employee Thomas Otzasek flies a drone.
CDO - Chief Data Officer
Thomas Otzasek
Portrait of Christian Neudorfer Employee Christian Neudorfer holds helmet next to his head
COO - Chief Operating Officer
Christian Neudorfer


Portrait of Christina Lehner Employee Christina Lehner plays the ukulele.
Sales Manager Commerce & Advertising
Christina Lehner
Portrait of Viktoria Lang Employee Viktoria Lang wears a riding helmet and carries a bridle on her shoulder.
Product Specialist
Viktoria Lang
Placeholder image for employee portrait Placeholder image for employee leisure image
Inside Sales & Marketing Manager
Alexander Apel


Portrait of Barbara Probst Employee Barbar Probst sings with a microphone.
Assistance to the Management Board
Barbara Probst


Portrait of Christine Becker Employee Christine Becker with soccer shoes
Data Scientist
Christine Becker
Portrait of Stefan Brabenetz Employee Stefan Brabenetz with games console.
Mobile Developer
Stefan Brabenetz
Portrait of Michael Brückler Employee Michael Brückler holds up his hiking boots.
Head of IT-Operations
Michael Brückler
Portrait of Markus Cizek Employee Markus Cizek with circuit board, light bulb and cable over his shoulder.
Backend Developer
Markus Cizek
Portrait of Gerald Diesenreiter Employee Gerald Diesenreiter at the DJ booth
Mobile Developer
Gerald Diesenreiter
Portrait of Annemarie Ebner Employee Annemarie Ebner plays table tennis
Annemarie Ebner
Portrait of Marcel Flieger Employee Marcel Flieger shows small self-made figures
DevOps Engineer
Marcel Flieger
Portrait of Kathrin Hager Employee Kathrin Hager has clamped a pencil between her upper lip and nose.
UI/UX Designer
Kathrin Hager
Portrait of Florian Hager Employee Florian Hager with squash racket
Senior Mobile Developer & Platform Lead iOS
Florian Hager
Portrait of Martin Heindl Employee Martin Heindl reads the weekly newspaper
Head of Design
Martin Heindl
Portrait of Markus Kern Employee Markus Kern plays tennis.
Project Manager
Markus Kern
Portrait of Thomas Kranzer Employee Thomas Kranzer holds a small globe in his hand.
Mobile Developer & Platform Lead Android
Thomas Kranzer
Portrait of Ines Madlsperger Employee Ines Madlsperger takes a selfie
UI/UX Designer
Ines Madlsperger
Portrait of Carina Mayr Employee Carina Mayr with a book
Human Resources & Marketing
Carina Mayr
Portrait of Simon Moser Employee Simon Moser holds up two self-printed helmets.
Head of Technical Development
Simon Moser
Portrait of Barbara Panholzer Employee Barbara Panholzer does yoga with her Labrador dog
Head of Backend Development
Barbara Panholzer
Portrait of Gerold Pree Employee Gerold Pree with alpine skis
Head of Project Management
Gerold Pree
Portrait of Josef Rieseneder Employee Josef Rieseneder flings playing cards into the air.
Mobile Developer
Josef Rieseneder
Portrait of Daniele Satta Employee Daniele Satta with apron and cooking tongs
UI/UX Designer
Daniele Satta
Portrait of Walter Stech Employee Walter Stech plays the accordion.
Mobile Developer
Walter Stech
Portrait of Josef Steger Employee Josef Steger listens to music records
Backend Developer
Josef Steger
Portrait of David Thaller Employee David Thaller soldering
Senior Developer & Platform Lead Web
David Thaller
Portrait of Melanie Trchlin Employee Melanie Trchlin sits on a yoga mat.
Backend Developer
Melanie Trchlin
Portrait of Thomas Urbanitsch Employee Thomas Urbanitsch carries a guitar on his shoulder.
Head of Mobile Development
Thomas Urbanitsch
Portrait of Rene Windischhofer Employee Rene Windischhofer plays a volleyball.
Mobile Developer
Rene Windischhofer
Portrait of office dog Sansa Feelgood manager and black Labrador Sansa is lying on the floor.
Feel Good Manager