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Commerce & Advertising

Digitisation also influences the stationary trade. Retailers have to remain competitive with digital competitors. The number of digital touchpoints is virtually endless - as are the associated opportunities and challenges in app development for commerce and advertising. We have been established in the market since 2001 and know the requirements of stationary retailers in order to be successful in the future.

Smartphone with employee app for REWE from bluesource

The REWE employee apps

Smartphone with XXXL Preisepass of XXXLutz Gruppe in mobile-pocket

XXXLutz Group: Customer Loyalty through mobile-pocket

Smartphone with apo app from the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists

Apo app: pharmacies and medicaments

Digital Retail

Retailers and brands need to reposition themselves strategically and technologically to be future-proof and profitable. Whether in procurement, sales, warehousing or marketing - with mobile software solutions you can make your daily business more efficient and thus take care of your most valuable asset: Your customers.

Data-driven commerce: using data

How can customer loyalty be improved? How can shopping experiences be made even more impressive? A lot of questions can be answered with the help of data. The challenge for retailers and the advertising industry is to collect the right data and use it profitably - for example, by using AI for data-based predictions.

Connecting online and offline

Where is your smartphone? In your hand or certainly nearby. It's the same with consumers. With our product mobile-pocket, we offer retailers and advertisers a tool to stand out from the competition and stay ahead with customer loyalty and mobile marketing. mobile-pocket bundles customer loyalty programmes and allows users to be addressed individually. Advertisers benefit from attention-grabbing advertising formats, played out at the right time in the customer journey.


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Portrait of Christina Lehner
Sales Manager Commerce & Advertising
Christina Lehner, MA