We are ISO 27001 certified

Our customers and partners no longer have to trust that we take data security and data protection seriously - we can prove it. Thousands of hours have gone into the certification process since the initial considerations. But now we can proudly say: bluesource is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

Illustration with ticked checkboxes and symbol for certification.

Security for information

When developing solutions for our customers, we receive a lot of information. At the same time, the solutions often process vast amounts of information. ISO 27001 certification for information security ensures that all this information is processed securely.

Globally recognized IT security standard

Experts have assessed the security of the information we receive and the entire IT environment according to a globally recognized IT security standard. All the necessary measures were implemented as part of the process - many of them with the relocation of bluesource to the new company building in 2019. Since then, there have been public areas that visitors can enter after registering and areas that are reserved for bluesource employees. An access system ensures that no unauthorized persons enter these areas - unless they are accompanied by an employee.

Certification creates trust

In addition to many obvious measures, the ISO certification primarily concerned the security management of information technology. IT risks were minimized and IT security procedures were established that help to sustainably optimize the quality of the systems used. Customers and business partners can now be sure that information is processed confidentially, as evidenced by the certification. Compliance requirements are ensured. The availability of IT systems and processes is ensured. All weak points have been systematically uncovered and eliminated. All data and information in the company is classified. The classification determines their use as well as permitted transmission paths, storage locations and deletion methods.

Security for the future

ISO 27001 certification is not something bluesource will rest on its laurels. We will continue to work on our effective information security management in the future. Annual surveillance audits and re-certification after three years by an official body will also ensure this.