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Digitisation is driven by data. However, knowledge and competitive advantages arise from information. Among other things, they are the basis for decisions. With the intelligent use of algorithms, machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence), we support you in generating information from data.

Data & Business Analytics

Depending on your wishes, we can advise you on your projects in the area of data and AI or, of course, also become operationally active. As app experts with years of experience, we are also in the fortunate position of being able to integrate AI and the results in this area into apps or to develop an own app for their use. We manage to translate your business problem into a data problem and then solve it with the help of an algorithm.


Are you starting your first AI project and would like to know what it takes? Are you still missing some of the expertise or the overall view? No matter where things are still stagnating in the areas of data and AI, the support of our experts will bring you closer to your goal. We would also be happy to walk through the goal with you.

AI mentoring

Do you want to build up competencies in your own company? Similar to coaching, we provide you with a mentor with many years of experience. Combine your domain knowledge with our expertise in AI. If you wish, mentoring is also available for your app or the development of the app itself (including AI).

Data-centric AI

We deal intensively with data - including our own. That's why we know that a black-box model is not sufficient in the majority of cases to extract valid and truly usable values and insights from the data. We show you individually the best options for your specific case. 

AI in the app

There are hardly any app developers who are able to offer native apps and AI in combination. We are one of these proven experts. It doesn't matter whether it's your own existing app or a new one that is to be developed by us. We know how to make the best use of AI.
App development at a glance​​​​​​​

Second opinion

Often, a second expertise is needed to assess a situation. What can be vital in the health system can determine success in business. We offer to critically examine existing concepts, use and business cases as well as business models (of start-ups or investors) together.

Potential analysis, PoC

Does your idea have potential? Is your project feasible? We provide answers with a potential analysis, based on a joint internal workshop, or with a proof of concept (PoC) in which we test your plan for feasibility. We are also happy to contribute our expertise to a joint research project.

Independent partner without sales interest

Independence - the decisive detail: We differ from most other providers in the field of Data & AI because we are independent. We have no partnerships with various providers and this is exactly what you benefit from. We therefore advise you entirely without any sales interest in a particular product or tool. Thus, we recommend the best solution for you with a guarantee.

Competitive advantage data competence

An eye for detail and an eye for the big picture.
We support you in extracting valuable information from complex data.


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