Educational app: kids learn & obtain for their bicycle license

A whole different kind of driving exercise to keep kids safe on saddle.

It starts here

Together with ÖAMTC (the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club) we developed an educational app to support kids aged 10 to 12 to learn in order to obtain their bicycle license.


Through quizzes and questions, the future candidates for the bicycle license learn about traffic signs, traffic situations and how to behave correctly on a bicycle.  In order to keep user engaged and repeat the exercises frequently specific levels were included in almost all games. In this way users can progress through the different levels of the ÖAMTC Fahhrad Champio app and improve their skills.

Age-specific navigation

On different level of complexity (easy questions, timed quizzes, master challenges) there are ten questions to answer per cycle. When all questions and quizzes of the first level have been answered the user can access the next one. In this way the user starts with  “tricycle” and then move on to  “training wheels bike”, then to  “bicyclist” and finally to “bicycle champion”.

Optimal porting

By implementing the web app with Apache Codova we thought of the saving potential of porting this app easily to new platforms, which is a good plan for the future. 

White label and multiple languages

Some touring clubs in other countries loved the idea of the ÖAMTC Fahrrad Champion app. Therefore, the app supports customized branding and translation. This makes the app available to be launched in any other country.

“bluesource is dedicated, competent and proactive!”

Patrick Büchler
Digital Art Direktion, Medientechnik & Design, Österreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touringclub (ÖAMTC)


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