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goodio - your own digital bonus program

goodio: digital customer loyalty - no matter how many customers you have. This means that even small and medium-sized businesses, retailers and city marketing associations can offer their customers their own digital, professional and contemporary bonus program. Collect points, redeem them for rewards, receive offers - all easily and conveniently on your smartphone.

Joint appearance

goodio is the future of digital payment and customer loyalty solutions. Bundle your interests and roll out goodio as a white label app in the corporate design of your region, your city. Individual regional functionalities can make the app even more attractive. Replace collecting leaves with your own regional currency.

Customer loyalty easy and convenient

What does it take to start your own digital customer loyalty program? With goodio, all you need is an app and a smartphone. Your customers collect points every time they shop at you. You determine which rewards you want to reward them with and how many points are required. Scan the QR code, add or redeem points, and that' s it.

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Winning loyal customers

Every customer is valuable - but loyal customers are especially so. With goodio, you give your customers a simple but effective reason to become loyal customers and participate in your customer loyalty program.
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Collect points

Your customers collect points with each of their purchases or consumption with you. By collecting points digitally in goodio, you give them an additional incentive for future visits to you.
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Bonus with rewards

Give your customers rewards for their previous purchases. Redeem collected points for rewards. You decide which rewards you offer and how many points your customers have to collect for them.
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Do good smart

Add value to your loyalty program. Collected leaves make CO2 compensation activities visible. Businesses help their customers automatically contribute to climate protection when they shop.
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Individual design

The goodio app impresses with its appealing user-friendly design. However, you can also offer your customers the app's functionalities branded - in your company's corporate design.
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Directly on your smartphone

Forget about loyalty cards left at home and smeared stamp passes. goodio is your loyalty program on the smartphone. Your customers always have it with them. You don't need any additional hardware.

Rewarding and retaining customers

With every point you reward your customers and bind them more strongly to your business. Your offers on the smartphone of your customers: directly and also outside opening hours. This gives you the opportunity to use promotions to draw attention to quieter business hours or stocked goods. Measure your successes in real time: exchange less successful rewards for more attractive ones.

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1.2 million people in Austria already use our bonus apps. Use this potential for your business! Because with all the possibilities our bonus app offers you, you will increase your bottom line.


Loyal customers are valuable

Also for your turnover.
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