Plasser & Theurer SmartCatalog

Plasser & Theurer makes spare parts management easier, quicker and safer with the SmartCatalog app.

Three smartphones with screens of the SmartCatalog app from Plasser & Theurer

Plasser & Theurer develops, builds and exports railway track laying machines. Due to short service times spare parts often need to be ordered while the machines are on site. Searching for the right spare parts in a print catalogue is neither customer friendly nor efficient. With its SmartCatalog customers Plasser & Theurer provides machine operators with a digital spare parts catalogue. This allows a fast and quick supply of the original spare parts.

Easy search and request

The digital SmartCatalog is structured in the same way as its print version and allows a comprehensive search by spare part numbers, product name or identifier. Over 400,000  product pictures make it easier for the operator to identify the right spare part needed. With one click, spare parts are added to a list of requested parts which is then forwarded to service partners or the purchasing department.

Offline functionality

A stable and working internet connection on site is quite rare on the working site, therefore it was essential for the app content to be available offline.  Machine operators can search for spare parts in the Plasser & Theurer SmartCatalog even without an active internet connection and save their search results on a request list. Users need an active internet connection only to update the catalogue or to send their request lists.

Personalization and updates

Due to the amount of spare parts users can personalize their SmartCatalog, which means the catalogue always contains the spare parts of the machine the users work with. In order to use the app machine operators need to sign up directly at Plasser & Theurer and receive their credentials. Both the user profile and the content are managed through a CMS  developed  specifically for this. Changes in the catalogue are timely available for the apps in form of downloads.


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