eVision 15 information app
ESC information platform

Besides the events guide the app also included information for ESC guests in Vienna, to provide them with an overview of the different entertainment programs.

Stay informed with the ESC app

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 was the musical even of the year in Austria. The eVision 15 app was developed in order to provide volunteers, journalists and delegations from Europe and Australia with information during the Song Contest. 

Exclusive distribution

The app could be used only after accessing it with a personal code and served as a information platform between ESC hosts and international participants.

Available offline

To save up on roaming costs the content of the app –included the city map- was available offline, too.

Information platform

The app provided users with newsfeed, individual calendars, digital registers of persons, that allowed users to dial up them with a click, along with information about public transport, bars and sightseeings. Thanks to the app International guests had the chance to explore the city. Moreover, users could also save some individual information in the app, such as their hotel details and routes of public transportation that they usually needed.

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