mylife at Magna

More than 170,000 employees with 25 different languages and more than 400 office locations use one communication channel to stay informed and connected.

Three smartphones with screens of the employee app mylife at Magna

Companies with business operations in many markets across the globe have to face many challenges when it comes to communication, especially when this involves different languages. This translate into 170,000 employees with 25 different languages and more than400 office locations worldwide for Magna.

Employees and business communication app

Together with SPS Marketing we have accepted the challenge and mastered it. The result was a tool which allows direct, fast and easy communication among all Magna employees worldwide.

Tailored communication for each targeting group

Functionalities and content have been adapted for every group and every office location. Moreover, push notifications allow to reach all employees. They stay informed about what happens in the company or the industry thanks to news articles. The calendar allows to find out about events and RSPV to them right away. Magna also issues an internal magazine for its employees, which is available in different languages through the app. In the category “my location” employees can find information about benefits and offers at their office location.

Mylife at Magna is available both for Android and iOS, employees can download it on their smartphones from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Thanks to the different types of content the app provides added value for the Magna’s employees during working hours and spare time.

A sign for competence and innovation

For the company the mylife at Magna app is not “just” a digital communication and information tool. Besides all the advantages for internal and external communication, with this app Magna underlines its role as an innovative technology company even when it comes to employee communication.

The best of all worlds

The project is the result of the co-operation with the marketing agency SPS MARKETING. Our companies’ skills complement each other perfectly: we worked on the technical implementation of the app while SPS MARKETING has developed the user interface for the Content Management System.


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