Linz AG FIP App
Communication around rosters via app

Linz AG provides modern infrastructure both for its passenger and its employees. 

Personal mobility is one of the most important human needs.

As a public transport operator Linz AG makes sure to bring its passengers quickly, easily and safely to their destinations. 
The same principles should apply to the duty schedule of the Linz Ag’s drivers whenever they need to check their rosters. That is why we have developed the FIP app.

Roster app 

The Linz AG itself distributes the app and every employee receives a download link with personal credetials. The essential parts oft he app are the screens about the present, past and upcoming shifts. Users can also view and access all rosters in the app – however these are of course  anonymized. The content of the app is provided by Linz Ag through ist back-end and an update manager makes sure employees always use the latest version.

Main focus on users

Employees can access the information they need quiacky,  as the app displays  the current day in the app overview and the last opened rosters when started . Adding personal notes to the own roster is a very popular app feature among users.

Employees communication

The Linz AG FIP App also serves as a sort of employee app. Users can find important links and information from the works council, as well as an overview of all lines, stops and routes which allows them to always find the fastest for their passengers and themselves.

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