Primetals Technologies ASK Machines Service app
Industry 4.0

Innovative business models and production processes come together.

Inspections of facilities and machines needed for production take up a lot of time –especially if they are conducted manually. It’s exactly for these cases that the acoustic diagnosis system for process and equipment monitoring of Primetals Technologies comes in very handy.

IoT and sensor technology

Based on the noises the sensors positioned along the facility recognize the condition of critical constructional elements, which are responsible for the service performance. The data are forwarded to a server which elaborates and evaluates them based on mathematical models. Recognizing defective components early means being able to reduce the number of sudden standstills in the facility.

Service app

The app supports the staff responsible for maintenance and trouble shooting. The employees of the service center select the incoming information and assign them to the responsible service team through the service portal. The team receives the information through the app in real-time which saves time and prevents stillstands. 

User Interface for industry

Through the app dashboard users can monitor facilities as well as check the current status of the construction elements. An easy-to-use menu and a simple visualization of complex data allows users to work and complete tasks easily wherever they are. 

“bluesource stands out for its extreme competence, the excellent cooperation and the pragmatic approach!”

DI Werner Schwarz, MBA
Project Manager M&A, Business Excellence, Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH

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