XXXLutz, Möbelix, Mömax x mobile-pocket
Integration of mobile-pocket into marketing portfolio

One of the world's largest furniture retailers relies on customer loyalty with mobile-pocket

Targeted offers, discount campaigns and vouchers - and all on the smartphone: the XXXLutz Group, which includes the furniture stores XXXLutz, Möbelix and Mömax, was looking for a way to reach its customers even more specifically via mobile, digital touchpoints. They found what they were looking for with our mobile loyalty and rewards platform mobile-pocket. We were thus able to win one of the world's largest furniture retailers as a customer with our offer. 

"Trust in the expertise of a true pioneer"

„With mobile-pocket, we rely on the expertise of a real pioneer in the field of digital customer loyalty. We improve the ominchannel experience of our furniture stores and promote engagement among customers. This allows us to further drive both online shop and direct in-store activities.”

Thomas Saliger
Company spokesman of the XXXLutz Group

Increasing customer loyalty via smartphone

XXXLutz, Möbelix and Mömax are integrating mobile-pocket into their marketing portfolio and are thus taking advantage of the fact that the smartphone is people's constant companion and, at the same time, an effective channel for increasing customer loyalty. Consumers manage their digital customer loyalty programmes, memberships, insurances, etc. with mobile-pocket. At the same time, mobile-pocket gives retail companies the opportunity to provide their regular customers with individualised content thanks to special targeting methods and to address new customer groups via the "offers for all" area. 

"Confirmation of our successful work"

"The digital solutions of mobile-pocket offer retailers numerous possibilities for the targeted playout of offers, discount campaigns and vouchers based on the interests of users," explains Wolfgang Stockner, CEO of bluesource. This makes it possible to effectively manage mobile, digital touchpoints along the entire customer journey. Wolfgang Stockner is delighted about the trust placed in him by the XXXLutz Group: "This is a real confirmation of our successful work over the last few years.



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