DER STANDARD Nachrichten App

bluesource brings quality journalism to the smartphone: the ‘DER STANDARD Nachrichten’ app provides readers with the most important news at any time of day.

Three smartphones with screens of the DER STANDARD Nachrichten app

Independent quality journalism on the smartphone

The ‘DER STANDARD Nachrichten’ app allows readers of DER STANDARD news to consume classic reporting, live reports and tickers, podcasts and videos quickly and easily on their smartphones. They are therefore well informed in real time. bluesource developed the end consumer app as a native app for iOS, Android and Huawei operating systems.

It brings the web-based content of the website to readers' smartphones with a native menu including login. They are not the only ones who are enthusiastic about the software solution - Elisa Jiménez Alonso, Product Management Publishing at DER STANDARD, is also positive about the smooth and competent implementation of the news app:

The expertise of the development department and the professional approach throughout the entire process have shown us that we have found the perfect partner for our software solution in bluesource. We appreciate the fast and proactive approach of the entire team!
Elisa Jiménez Alonso, Product Management Publishing, DER STANDARD

Up-to-date with live tickers

The live ticker function makes it possible to keep readers up-to-date at any time of day. Be it political hot topics, world journalism or sporting events - the live tickers summarise the most important headlines and news in a concise and highly topical way. News can be displayed over the course of the day and with just one click you can get to the most up-to-date article.

Push notifications for breaking news and important messages

Not every reader has the same topic preferences. In the news app, topics such as ‘Breaking news’, ‘Budget media news’, ‘Reading tips’, ‘Sports overview’ and ‘Web overview’ can be activated as push notifications according to taste. This solution allows readers to individually select their favourite topics and receive articles on breaking news directly to their smartphone.

STANDARD community in the news app

Register and join in the discussion is the motto of the STANDARD community. It is one of the liveliest and largest discussion platforms in the German-speaking world. After logging into the app, all users can express their opinions on current topics. They can also create posts, change their status and adjust their profile settings.


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