With AI supported digital customer loyalty platform bluesource brings together different stakeholdes and confronts itself with very important socio-economical challenges.



In the €136.9bn/year value added European telecommunication market, a combination of tightening margins, rising consumers expectations around service quality, the emergence of new B2C customer engagement channels such as mobile, social and cloud that are transforming how consumers interact, and increasingly robust yet complex regulatory landscape is creating a new business imperative for telecom technology transformation.  The scope and opportunity for launching and providing more European digital services is significant. bluesource aims to tackle these challenges by following an open knowledge approach via providing AI-powered digital loyalty collaboration platforms, which not only they are empowering consumers and users across telecom sector, but also unifying different stakeholders and addressing major socio-economic challenges. Our R&D expertise lies in digital transformation services, including data mining and data analytics; demonstration activities advisory; user intelligence and technology research and analysis.

Data Mining

The increasing use of the platforms, smartphones tablets and laptops allow telecommunication companies to collect huge amount of data mostly unstructured (for example customer’s past buying patterns and geospatial location), which need to be combined and interpreted for further decision making. Using different data mining techniques, our research help telecom companies to better understand their customer needs and to reduce churn rate, which represent an opportunity to improve the relationship with customers and their satisfaction with the service.

Demonstration Activities and Pilots

Scaling up, or a broad adoption of telecom loyalty platforms is a critical factor to achieve sustainable development. Pilot and demonstration projects are often a key step towards this goal. However, successful scaling-up and mainstreaming of pilot efforts are rarely straightforward. bluesource’s mission is to assist decision makers in telecom companies as well as those involved in international technical cooperation who want to scale up and mainstream technology pilot projects.

Demonstration Activities and Pilots

From Technology Readiness Level TRL4 to TRL 7, this is the most prominent bluesource’s R&D area. Also, here bluesource typically does not work alone but in collaboration with industrial partners including SMEs, academia and other research organizations. bluesource has extensive knowhow on pilot/demonstration study design and respective techniques and tools, connecting providers and users to test the technology, and their unique multidisciplinary approach. Further, bluesource possesses knowledge of industrial environments, practicalities, and limitations allowing us to be the ideal project lead in certain situations.

System Architecture

bluesource is an expert in developing and implementing highly flexible and open interface with yet secure architectures, which span from the back-office to the front-office functionalities, enabling easy integration with external systems using standard interfaces SOAP/XML, batch files, JMS. bluesource has an additional aim and that is to provide a semantic interoperability framework to integrate disparate heterogeneous data sources as well as Integrating the different components, testing, documenting and releasing a basic system prototype and providing a test bed for pilots.

User Requirements Analysis

At bluesource we focus on conducting a user analysis in order to define user requirements and to evaluate the system components and prototypes. Different key stakeholders are devoted to the research, requirements’ definition, standardization, regulation and development of telecom loyalty systems. Included in the main groups of stakeholders are bluesource’s long-term cooperation partners such as content providers, service providers, regulatory bodies, SME, standards developing organizations (SDOs). These organizations help us in the definition of a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in line with the needs of telecom industry and are actively involved throughout the development process.