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For companies that want to remain fit for the future, innovation must be an integral part. Whether new business models, technologies, products or features – we are committed to research as it is central for idea development.


bluesource drives innovations

With our research, we support the development of forward-looking innovations. Since we like to draw on the full spectrum, we involve customers, partner companies as well as research organisations and combine a wide range of technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

We apply our knowledge of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to a variety of use cases. For example, the evaluation and prediction of product recommendations, customer churn, and cross- and up-selling.

Data mining & visualisation

What factors have influenced customer requirements to date? And how do these affect their future needs? We sift through data for meaningful information and prepare the findings in a comprehensible way.

Demonstration & pilot projects

Demonstration and pilot projects are often implemented before market introduction. We choose appropriate techniques and tools to allow both providers and users to test new technologies and innovations in a multidisciplinary way.


To ensure the smooth operation of mission-critical platforms, we harmonise new technologies with existing architectures. Tailored to the business logic and with maintainability in mind.

User Requirements Analysis

The acceptance of an innovation strongly depends on its benefits and usability. Therefore, the needs of all stakeholders involved must be analysed, and technical and regulatory requirements must be identified and taken into account.

Immersive Technologies

In customer experience, in the training area or in data visualisation: the application possibilities of virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR) for innovations that support daily operations are immense.

The right network

We maintain close ties to the technical college and university world, which gives us direct access to the latest scientific developments. Together with our technology and project partners, we are always creating something new.

In different sectors

For fresh approaches, it is essential to look beyond one's own line of business. Therefore we combine our knowledge from one industry with that from another. This includes the finance, insurance, transport, trade, telecommunications and the energy industry. 

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