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Custom software

We develop custom software that is precisely tailored to the requirements of our respective customer. The industry spectrum is wide and includes both B2B and B2C solutions.

Smartphone with Linz AG FIP app from bluesource

Fip App Linz AG

Smartphone with employee app for REWE from bluesource

The REWE employee apps

Smartphone with Bluescan app from bluesource

Bluescan App von Bluecode

Tailored to your goals

For a (mobile) software solution to really fit perfectly, it often has to be customised. That is exactly what we do: We design mobile software solutions as individually as our customers need them. That fits - like a glove.

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Solution design

We analyse requirements, check feasibility and develop a system architecture that takes processes and structures into account and ensures optimal interaction. In addition, we define mobile-optimised interfaces and implement tracking concepts.
With strategy to the (app) goal​​​​​​​
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App development

We programme both native apps for iOS and Android, as well as hybrid apps with or without a framework. But also backend systems and interface connections. Pragmatic, agile and always keeping an eye on regulatory and IT requirements.strategy to the (app) goal​​​​​​​
App development at a glance​​​​​​​
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Web frontend

When implementing web frontends, we use a wide range of technologies that can also function as the web counterpart of an app if desired. Web frontend can also be implemented in individual software development for administrative areas.
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Mobile backends

In custom software development, we implement mobile-optimised backends (e.g. residual interfaces as middleware). We also document these interfaces via the OpenAPI standard.
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Automated deployment to the various stores, automatic provision of test versions and static code analysis ensure optimised ongoing operation of the software solution we deliver.
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Lifecycle management

Three core components ensure optimal lifecycle management: a detailed wiki, a ticketing system that enables direct cross-referencing, and a helpdesk solution that allows multiple participants to take part in discussions simultaneously.

Our sector focus

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Banks & Insurances

We develop mobile solutions for banks and insurance companies.

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Commerce & Advertising

We have solutions for digitalization in commerce and advertising.

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Industry & Business

Industry and business rely on our mobile solutions.

We focus on safety

Our ISO 27001 certification proves our highest security standards as well as our professional IT security management according to globally recognised IT security standards.


Different with success

Customised software can be many things, but not off the shelf. With our expertise, your product stands out from the crowd.

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