App matches help seekers with helpers: Diakoniewerk Syncare GmbH uses the app and web platform "Allfred" to digitize the placement of personally screened everyday helpers.

Three smartphones with screens of the Allfred app for Diakoniewerk Syncare

More and more people are getting older. At the same time, fewer and fewer people have the opportunity to care for their relatives themselves. Diakoniewerk Syncare GmbH therefore launched "Allfred" back in 2017. Allfred stands for Alltag, Freizeit, Dienstleistung (everyday life, leisure, service) and provides personally screened everyday helpers* to people in old age. "The previous processes of matching the needs of the elderly with the availability and characteristics of the helpers was extremely time-consuming for the Allfred team," describes Martin Löfler, Managing Director of Syncare. "We were keen to digitize this process."

App makes using Allfred particularly easy

This is where bluesource - mobile solutions gmbh and Fonda Labs came into play. While Fonda Labs implemented the desktop version of the platform, we focused on the associated app. This is primarily aimed at the helpers, most of whom are between 20 and 40 years old. "Our goal is for as many helpers as possible to always have Allfred 'in their pocket' and thus find flexible and local side jobs with meaning," says Löfler. The app makes it particularly easy for helpers* to use Allfred.

USP of personal testing remains

For the digital version of Allfred, Syncare's main concern was that this version should also be clearly understandable and easy to use for older people. "In addition, we definitely wanted to retain our USP that all Allfred helpers are personally vetted by the Allfred team before they can be found on the online platform," explains the Syncare CEO. "This allows us - unlike all other online placement services - to offer our customers the greatest possible reliability and security."

Feedback „extremely positive“

Initial feedback on the digital placement platform, which recently went online, is - according to Syncare - "extremely positive": even the elderly and their relatives, most of whom are themselves around 60 years old, get on very well with using it. Even in the first few days, around 50 helpers* registered - and that was even before targeted marketing was launched. Allfred was different right from the start: unlike common offers in the social sector, Allfred is neither legally regulated nor financed. "Allfred was developed independently by us," Löfler recalls. "In the process, we had to learn as an institution how to respond as well as possible to the wishes of our customers and how to constantly develop." According to Syncare, the app and the web platform enable a "real new digital togetherness."

Basis for feature in employee app hAPPydo HR

The module developed by bluesource for Allfred also formed the basis for a new feature in hAPPydo HR - bluesource's employee app. The employee app integrates the digital marketplace in the form of a "bulletin board". Similar to Allfred, employees can use this to search for, find or offer things.

Uncomplicated collaboration impressed

"The collaboration with bluesource was very uncomplicated," praises Managing Director Martin Löfler. "What impressed us as long-time experts from the social sector was how quickly bluesource understood what special features we value in the app and also why. The 'translation' between our requirements and the technical feasibility also worked flawlessly."

This is Allfred

Allfred stands for Alltag, Freizeit, Dienstleistung (everyday life, leisure, service) and provides personally tested everyday helpers to people in old age. These helpers receive a paid part-time job. In return, the elderly people receive, for example, several hours of assistance with errands. These range from help in the household or garden to company in various hobbies. In order to successfully match these two groups, Allfred on the one hand ascertains what older people need or are looking for. And on the other hand, matches that with characteristics and interests of people who are looking for a meaningful part-time job in the social sector. Since its launch in 2017, Allfred has expanded from a small project started in Linz to almost all of Upper Austria.


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