Bluecode Mobile Payment App

Do you already pay with a barcode number? Fast, safe and easy payment on the smartphone thanks to the Bluecode App, while shopping with mobile-pocket.

Three smartphones with screens of the Bluecode mobile payment app

Pay with your smartphone

Hardly any other of our every day processes have changed so much over the last few years like payment. Thanks to Bluecode the reality of mobile payment has become true. No Maestro or credit card nor cash needed anymore – just your smartphone.


Download the Bluecode app on your smartphone and connect it to your Austrian or German bank account. Now you can already pay cashless with your smartphone.


Every time you open the app and type in your PIN code, the app will display a barcode. This barcode is available only once, the cashier scans it at the check-out and the transaction is carried out immediately.


Since this is a payment app, we meet the highest safety requirements. Both the server communication and the data on the device are encrypted. The retailer only receives an anonymized ID-number, the app is protected with a personal PIN code and the limit of credit from other payment methods prevent fraud and misuse.

Also available as an SDK

This smart payment system can be integrated into other apps through plug-in. Therefore, the core function of the app has been made available as an SDK. The initially exclusive integration in mobile-pocket allows users to display their loyalty cards, redeem their coupons and pay for their purchases directly from the app with their smartphone.

Suitable for every omnichannel strategy

Thanks to its technology-independent transmission of the bluecodes the Bluecode Mobile Payment app suits every strategy of e-commerce retailers. The codes are scanned on smartphones, sent over Bluetooth at vending machines, photographed as QR code at tablet POS or typed in in online shops and confirmed through swiping on the smartphone.

Learn more on Answers to frequently asked questions are provided here. And on this site there is more about the protection of your data.

Bluecode Scan App

With the Bluescan App retailers can accept Bluecode payments with no need of integration with the cash register. When it’s time to make the payment the retailer types in the sum – and if needed the tip- and scans the bluecode from the customer’s smartphone. This payment system was used at the Oktoberfest in Munich in 2017 in co-operation with MEINFEST for the first time.


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