Bank wallets

The features of our popular loyalty cards app mobile-pocket have been integrated into the wallets of renowned banks.

Three smartphones with mobile-pocket integration screens in the bank wallets

In the wallets of renowned banks

Paying with smartphone is not very popular yet in Austria. To change this, we have integrated the features of our loyalty cards app directly in bank wallets. Our Loyalty and Rewards Platform -the mobile-pocket HUB- contributes to make the offers of national financial institutions more appealing. Now customers of Raiffeisen Austria, Volksbank and many other well-known banks can pay with their mobiles by debit card as well as access their loyalty cards and offers directly.

All-in-One Solution

„Through the mobile-pocket HUB we would like to make mobile payment appealing in Austria, too“, emphasizes Wolfgang Stockner CEO of bluesource, „From now on, bank customers will only need the mobile wallet of their bank, to pay in stores and benefit from the offers, bonus programs and memberships of their favorite shops.“

Besides customers and financial institutions, the retail industry also profits from this customer loyalty initiative. „The integration of mobile-pocket into the banks‘ mobile wallets gives to partners from the retail industry an additional powerful channel, which they can use for their targeted marketing efforts“ explains Stockner.

Focus on usability and customers‘ value

The focus of this project was on customers‘ value and usability. In order to do this, we decided to choose not the easiest but rather the best way for the users in terms of technical implementation. One of the results of this decision is that a simple confirmation is enough to connect mobile-pocket with the bank wallet to use the loyalty cards within the wallet. The complex processes running in the background are not interesting for users.

Making mobile payment appealing

Mobile payment, loyalty cards and offers in one wallet – the integration of the functionalities of mobile-pocket in the digital solutions of renowned banks makes it possible. Customers have all their loyalty cards in their payment app, along with their offers and vouchers, and can access them anytime. Our common loyalty initiative with Austria’s renowned banks aims at making mobile payment appealing to customers. According to current surveys only 11% of Austrians use their smartphone to pay (Source: „European Payments 2019“-Studie Strategy).


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