The App INSTINCT by MACO replaces keys, maximizes safety and practicality when opening or closing entrance doors.

Three smartphones with screens of the Instinct by Maco app

The door closes and the keys have been left inside the house. It has happened to everyone. However, our smartphone is always with us, so what is more obvious than opening doors and controlling their accesses through our smartphones? MACO, one of the most successful door fitting manufacturer worldwide, recognized this potential and with its INSTINCT app – developed by bluesource – the company has revolutionized the way we access and control our door latch by defining new standards for safety and practicality.

INSTINCT: flexible, tailored, safe

With MACO’S new fully electronic locking system combined with the INSTINCT app there is no need for the usual lock barrel anymore. A revolutionary concept -combined with futuristic and high- quality design – sets completely new standards for entrance doors. The app developed by bluesource controls the whole access system. This opens new possibilities: individuals can be granted access easily through specific authorizations which can be revoked as easily as they were given. Time-limited authorization are available as well; moreover, users can send a „one-time-key“ while on their way. The authorized person receives a one-time access authorization, to unlatch the locked door. The log feature allows to review all the granted authorization.

Safety for door and app

Users can be divided in different groups with different authorizations. They can use multiple functionalities: from classic door opening to the „unlatch mode“ during the day, which does not latch the door and is very practical especially for medical and physiotherapy practices. The parental lock prevents children from leaving the house unattended.

Safety is an essential factor when it comes to doors, thus for the MACO INSTINCT app as well. The innovative horsehead mechanism by MACO proves itself thanks to its high security mechanism. It has an integrated break-in recognition system as well as blackout safety system along with a state-of-the-art encryption and a very detailed authorization log.

An app with the same life cycle as the door

The most challenging parts of this project were the communication between smartphone and door latch as well as the encryption of such communication. Moreover, the software needed to be easy to maintain and update for it to have the same life cycle as the door. MACO’s INSTINCT app controls the access to entrance doors now. However, the app should be implemented for other parts of the building’s exteriors; this part of the project will follow.

Innovation in the spotlight

MACO is a company with a long story and it headquarters in Salzburg, Austria. Starting as a component manufacturer the company has become a provider of complete solutions. With the new locking system and its INSTINCT app, the company has reached a whole new level. Parts of a door, like latches, which have been just perceived as important so far, now are in the spotlight and have become a USP for doors. The horsehead mechanism opens new possibilities for door designs and styles. More than this, the INSTINCT app by MACO redefines the locking system for doors and will probably do for other fields of application soon, too. We are glad to have been able to digitize this industry together with MACO. The key? You can forget about that!

The app was developed for iOS and Android and is available in the App Store and in the Google Play Store.


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