Vodafone Reward Programm

Rewards-Program for Spain's MyVodafone App: mobile-pocket allows the direct implementation of Vodafone Spain’s Rewards program in the central MyVodafone customers’ app.

Three smartphones with screens of the Vodafone Rewards app

Vodafone Spain has integrated its customers’ Rewards Program in the central MyVodafone customers’ app thanks to the solution of mobile-pocket. From now on all Vodafone customers will receive their rewards in their MyVodafone app, where they can also view their invoices and check their data usage. In the “rewards” section customers can find tailored rewards that they can redeem right away.

Satisfied and loyal customers

„The MyVodafone app is the perfect channel to bring rewards to the customers” explains Martin Sprengseis, partner at bluesource. “Almost the whole Vodafone customer base has the app already on their smartphone and can discover and redeem their rewards anytime. This has a positive effect in terms of customers’ satisfaction and retention.” Millions of customers already use the Loyalty and Rewards Platform mobile-pocket via their MyVodafone App.

Compelling design and features

Many other features have been integrated besides Vodafone’s and its rewards partners’ UX design along with native online & offline redeem mechanisms. Some of these include: arranging the rewards based on their distance, marking them as favorite and displaying a list of all redeemed rewards.


The content of the program is loaded in the app through the mobile-pocket Business Portal. The campaigns can be targeted based on groups of interests or individuals.

Millions of Vodafone customers

Few days after launch millions of Vodafone customers had already viewed and redeemed their rewards on their smartphones. They proved the importance of native mobile user experience when it comes to rewards program.

The new relationship marketing

In times of advertising overload and sinking customers’ attention span tailored bonuses and offers are a true must. With its Loyalty & Rewards Platform mobile-pocket bluesource provides an innovative marketing solution, that allows bonus systems to be easily integrated in existing apps. Thanks to state-of-the art targeting the software delivers tailored and attractive rewards to users in real-time, based on their individual preferences and interests. The intuitive interface and the different online & offline redemption methods guarantee an excellent user experience. The mobile-pocket rewards solutions apply to a wide variety of industries, among which financial institutions, MNOs, ISPs, insurances, and energy provider.


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