Ekey home App
Fingerprint made easy

Electronic process meets biometrics – what sounds difficult has been made simple.

One touch is enough

The ekey home app is a software to manage and control the ekey home finger scanners integra 2.0 Bluetooth. Users can easily manage all essential features of the biometric ekey fingerprint building access control system through their smartphone.

User management

Users can easily add new user profiles, remove user rights, scan new users’ fiingerprints or update the firmware of the scanner. It’s easy, practical and safe.

Security pairing

Pairing and data encryption ensure highest security between finger scanner and smartphone. As users have to select a pin code between 4 to 6 digits to access the app,  unauthorized access is prevented even if the smartphone is lost or stolen.

“Innovative and flexible!”

Ing. Gerhard Marihart
ekey biometric systems GmbH


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