EmporiaME smartphone remote control app
Connecting generations

With emporiaME we have bridged the gap between support in person and technical innovation.

Retiree and seniors are often left aside when it comes to technological innovations. However, mobile phones for seniors can be smart as well thanks to the emporiaMe app which connects smartphone owners and seniors using emporiaCONNECT mobiles in an innovative way.

Connecting generations

emporiaME helps older generations to use mobile technology in every-day life and to improve their communication through mobile. The wide acceptance of the app shows how much this app keeps pace with times.

Smartphone remote maintenance 

Users can create calendar reminders and contacts in the app for parents and grandparents, or go through pictures on the phone together during a call and generally help elderly to use their mobile phone. This is particularly helpful when the mobile is either lost or misplaced. The remote control access allows users to dial the phone to ring, to check its volume and battery status, to locate its position or eventually block it. 


emporiaME was awarded the second place of the 2013 eAwards in the category “Platforms and social media” and was also awarded the third place of the 2013 Upper Austria regional prize for innovations.

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