app keeps your feet warm

For Wintersteiger AG we developed an app for controlling the HOTRONIC socks heater.

Cold feet spoils the fun at winter sports. With its heated socks Wintersteiger AG had already provided a solution to keep feet warm and the fun at winter sports up. Thanks to the Hotronic app developed by bluesource using the new Wintersteiger’s heated socks is even easier. 

Comfort and advantage for sales partners

The app is available in four languages (German, English, Italian and French) and developed for iOS  and Android. Hotronic has significantly improved the usability of the heated socks for its users. Moreover, Wintersteiger benefits from the new feature which facilitates entering the market as a distribution partner.  

Smartphone and socks connected by Bluetooth

Users can control the heating system of the socks, the most important functionality, through the app and a Bluetooth connection. The app allows users to regulate the heat output through four main functions and two intermediate steps. The app also displays battery statuts and other battery related changes, such as a low battery level, contact or tension problems during charging and the fully charged battery level. The percentage of battery left shows in the app as well.

Mountain huts and après-ski modus 

Cold outside and warm inside. To ensure the most suitable temperature even during lunch in the hut or at the après-ski party, hotronic comes with ist own mountain hut modus. Users can put the app in stand-by while inside without disconnetcting it, so that it’s still ready to use when needed.

Hotronic reminds when it’s time to store the socks aways for summer

In summer there is no need for heated socks. A „storage-mode“ increases  battery lifes. The app knows which the best battery level is and discharge it to that level at the tap of a key. No worries about forgetting: the app reminds the users when it’s time to store the socks away in summer. 

Additional information for service staff

Service related data facilitate the job of the service staff. Hotronic has a specific functionality for this case as well: the maintenance mode allows service staff to solve problems, to sort out data such as  load cylces and displays battery details.

Broader areas of application

To a big extent it’s design and usability what makes the app user friendly and appealing. These factors contribute to increase the users‘ acceptance, as the heat output control on the device is replaced by a tap on the smartphone.


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