karriere.at search.jobs
On your way to your dream job

Finding the dream job while on the way! The karriere.at search.jobs makes it happen.


Even when it comes to job hunt mobile search has become more and more important. That‘s why there’s the karriere.at search.jobs 

Mobile recruiting

Thank to this recruiting app users can search for jobs while they’re on their way. Whether logged in the app or not, all it takes is typing in the keyword and hit on the search button. With the practical auto-complete the search on smartphone is even easier. The app allows to filter the search results and/ or to display them with flashcards-view.
The app also saves the latest keywords automatically, so that users can pick up their search where they previously left off. 

Multi device usage

Besides enjoying the mobile optimized view of all available jobs users can also e-mail the job advertisements to work on their job application on their desktop or notebook. 
With the account functionality users can mark interesting jobs as favorites anytime, the list of favorites is snyched with the online portal automatically.

Inter-App Communication

Users can receive job advertisements by activating the job-alarm feature. By clicking on the navigation users can access the additional website karriere.at instant.jobs App

Thanks to app unbundling, which allows to create specific app for specific functionalities, and inter-app communication, which connect both apps, users can manage their job search as they prefer.


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