Saves you time on the road

Traffic jams and rush hour are no excuse to be late at work any longer, now there’s LisiGo.

Everyone knows it, the daily paralyzing traffic on the way to work. Commuters wants to know the shortest route, receive updates about traffic, bottlenecks, accidents and traffic forecast to decide whether they should change route or even go for public transport. LisiGo – the traffic app of the OÖ Nachrichten (the Upper Austrian regional newspaper) provides with all the above and even more.

Real-time road traffic news on commuting routes in Linz

The traffic app receives information about the traffic from and to Linz (Upper Austria) from the OÖ Nachrichten, the ASFINAG (the Austrian Autobahn and high way financing stock corporation) , the radio station LifeRadio and its users. Therefore, the app provides quite a lot of information about the daily traffic in and around Linz.

  • Traffic condition: users can assess the traffic condition on the most common commuting routes and roads through the app prior departure. In many cases the images are provided by the ASFINAG webcams.
  • Traffic forecast: the app also displays the current commuting time of and its forecast for the respective route. For its forecast the app uses data from current and previous traffic volume. This allows users to decide quickly whether to take a diversion or if it’s better to change over to public transport.
  • Updates: LifeRadio entertains users during hold-ups and informs them about traffic jams on the way.

The goal of the project was to provide commuters in Linz and surroundings with a tool to help them to plan their commuting routes efficiently.

“The co-operation with bluesource had a solid base of trust. We have been able to relaunch the traffic news app of the OÖ Nachrichten together. As a regional media outlet we put a lot of emphasis on working with regional competent partners when it comes to app development.”

Michael Kaufmann, BA MSc
Head of digital Projects, OÖ Nachrichten


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