MultimoOpt app
Shifting to rails made easy thanks to an app.

Research consortium develops comprehensive Park & Ride management solution.

The reason to shift to rails

Our resolutions to travel less by car and more by train or bicycle don't really work, but why? Exactly! Because of comfort and because -allegedly- travelling by train or bicycle takes much longer.

During rush hours streets and parking slots reach their limits of their capacity. Existing park & ride facilities are not appealing enough to convince people to shift from their cars to rails. And that is when the MultimoOpt project comes in.

The research consortium of AIT The Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, the Graz University of Technology - with the Institute for Highway Engineering and Transport planning and bluesource - mobile solutions gmbh aimed at developing an appealing and comprehensive park & ride management solution, to motivate road users to shift at least part of their travel to ecomobility.

Prototype in pilot operation

A detailed analysis and the influence of information channels have been the basis of the project: which are the factors that play a role when commuters decide to shift from car to train transportation, and to which extent? Which kind of information are to be transferred and through which channels? An assessment on a carefully designed centre of multimodal transportation was carried out and the final decision was to test the prototype at the Stockerau Train Station.

Easy and fast thanks to the "MultimoOpt" app

The "MultimoOpt" app has been developed for both iOS and Android ad informs its users clearly about different travel options. To access them users only need to register with their license plate. The app also informs about the status of the available parking lots in the park & ride facility and users can book their parking lot permanently or just for a few days. The parking gate recognizes the license plate of the user at the entrance of the parking lots and opens automatically. This makes shifting from car to rails much easier and comfortable.

Smart solutions find remedies

The pilot operation served to gather some important information. This test-phase showed how smart solutions for parking lots are important factors that contribute to make park & ride facilities more appealing to road users. The prototype used in Stockerau can also be implemented in other stations, too.

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