The REWE employee Apps
Mein BILLA, Mein MERKUR, TEAM Penny, WIR BIPA, Renate

Effective business communication on smartphone

The REWE employee Apps mark the start of a new chapter in business internal communication. Ranging from the board’s news to the employee benefits, all employees stay well informed.


In digital times big companies have to put special emphasis in keeping their communication as efficient and diversified as possible. The “Mein MERKUR” app is  inspired though the awarded “Mein BILLA” app as well as the other apps “TEAM Penny”, “WIR BIPA” and “Renate”, which have been developed in the style of the two employee apps of REWE. The aim was to realize a white-label solution so that design and functionalities for every brand could be adapted accordingly while keeping the implementation flexible.

The goal of the project was to develop catchy, user-friendly apps to improve internal communication on the one hand and connect employees with each other to boost their team spirit on the other hand. To do so, employees can “like” and “comment” content and are encouraged to give feedback.

Hybrid app and dynamic menu navigation

The main structure of the app and the log-in are native, which means they have been developed specifically for Android and iOS  due to security and performance reasons. The digital employees’ cards are available offline so that employees can use their benefits anytime. The menu navigation is dynamic and loads through an interface, besides home page and employees lists it also displays season related content.  Further content and functionalities are displayed as optimized HTML content according to the corporate design and integrated in the app directly from the customer’s CMS.  This ensures flexibility for changes and further development of the app.

Internal communication via app

All employees – from the board down to the single shop assistant- are connected through the respective app. Besides daily news, the apps also informs about internal topics and exclusive employees benefits such as offers and goodies, retirement arrangements, family support as well as apprenticeships and further trainings. Moreover, a video collection, a gallery and the digital issue of the employee magazine deliver vary and interesting content.

Directly connected to the CMS

Multiple online editors can work easily and constantly upload new content into communication apps like the REWE employee’s apps. Thanks to a direct connection to the company’s CMS online editors and other people responsible for communication can update and add content easily, making sure to keep the employees always informed. After downloading the app the employees log into it with the credentials used for the company’s Intranet.

“Mein BILLA”: awarded with the retail technology award Europe 2018

The “Mein BILLA” was awarded the “retail technology award Europe 2018” for in the category “Best Enterprise Solution” during the EuroCIS fair. bluesource mobile-solutions gmbH was awarded as Top Supplier.

Mobile payment with Bluecode

All REWE employees’ apps are connected to the Bluecode mobile payment system. This secure and quick online payment system has become increasingly popular and is already accepted in more than 18,000 shops of different retailers in Austria. To use Bluecode the employees only need to register and connect their bank account in the app (in the menu under “employee card”).

From Austria to Europe

The success of the REWE employees’ apps in Austria marked the beginning of the implementation of the app in further Central and Eastern-European countries where the REWE Group is active. Moreover, we have developed so-called “smart apps” to digitize the work processes of some of REWE’s employees groups in Hungary and Czech Republic.

„Working with bluesource has proved itself to be a real innovative partnership since the beginning. We stared off in 2017 with the first employee app and it has been indispensable in the whole company ever since. We will keep up the good co-operation for the years ahead as well.“

Alexander Wimmer,
Head of IT Portal Systems, REWE International Dienstleistungs- GesmbH

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