The A1 Mastercard App
A credit card app to manage the new A1 Mastercard

bluesource developed Austria’a most practical credit card app for the A1’s subsidiary paybox Bank.

A credit card by MNO A1? That’s not new. The news is, Mastercard issues the credit card now and bluesource has developed the credit card app for the paybox Bank. And not just that, we have also created a solution design for the website.

App features: now this app is really something!

Strong Customer Authentication

The sign-in, the card activation and the authorization of online transactions comply with the SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). Therefore, we have integrated in the app the “Mastercard Identity Check Mobile” SDK developed by Mastercard, which controls the authentication and transaction approval through PIN code, finger print and FaceID (biometric security characteristics).

A better overview

A couple of Euros here and there and soon you have lost track of your spending! That is what would happen, if there wasn’t a dashboard. The app dashboard provides a quick and easy overview of the card, its status, all transactions and invoices. Users can display their payments in a list or in the detail view and can see which transactions fall into which category, household, groceries, fuel and so on.

The right combination

The A1 subsidiary’s paybox Bank’s Mastercard is not a usual credit card. It is one of the first ones that can be activated and used combined with the app, which increases security. Once the app has been set up users can access and view their transactions on their desktop through a web user interface.

White label solution

Both the app and the solution design for the website have been created as a white label solution. In this way the paybox Bank can offer this software solutions to other companies that want to provide their customers with this service.

Strong partners

The A1 subsidiary’s paybox Bank and Mastercard are among the biggest players of their industry. Therefore, we are very pleased of the successful cooperation and the trust they placed in us. Catalysts, that has been responsible for the development of the user interface and the middleware, has proved itself a reliable partner for us. Together we ensure the ongoing operation, the maintenance and the further development of the product.


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