Bluecode Scanner App
Works as a POS

Thanks to the scanner app retailers can accept bluecode payments without cash register integration.

More and more customers use the Bluecode app to pay with their smartphones and the mobile payment system is already available at over 18.000 casher registers in Austria. Thanks to the scanner app retailers can accept bluecode payments through smartphones now.

Scan & pay

Bluecode saves time. For retailers this comes in particularly handy as they quickly download the Bluecode Scanner and they’re all set. If a customer wants to pay with Bluecode, the retailer will only have to type the sum and the tip – if necessary- in the app and then scan the barcode on the customer’s smartphone. The transaction is already done. No need to handle small change and the payment is wired directly.

Smart and safe transaction

Bluecode is a real-time payment through your smartphone, which means that the user’s bank account is charged directly. Each Bluecode is valid only once and is protected by a PIN code. The retailer only receives an anonymous identification number.

Tested at the Oktoberfest for the first time

The Bluecode Scanner app was tested for the first time at the Oktoberfest in Munich in cooperation with MEINFEST in 2017. The participating retailers and stand operators could test the app and were impressed by its usability and security as a payment method.

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