We developed the ich.app for Payment Services Austria GmbH (PSA) - an app all about secure digital identification, comparable to a driver's license or a passport in the real world.

Three smartphones with screens of the PSA ich.app

Secure and fast digital identification brings benefits for both users and providers. Some only need a single point of access to identify, register, and log in for specific services. The others benefit from higher conversion rates with DSGVO-compliant use of high-quality data. The app itself was completely implemented by us. PSA developed the brand identity and a basic UI style guide for the ich.app in advance. On this basis, we implemented the UI/UX design for the mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms. The high security requirements and the communication of the app with different backend systems were challenges that we mastered in this project.

Animated heads of fox, elephant and dog as avatars in the ich.app.

How the ich.app works

In the ich.app, the user is guided once through an onboarding process in which the user's identity is clearly confirmed by his bank or an authority. If the user now wants to identify, register or log in for a specific service, he enters his e-mail address as a unique user name on the corresponding website. The service provider then asks via the ich.app network whether the data required by the user is available. Only data relevant to the respective process is requested. The user then receives an authentication request in his ich.app. The user can see which data the service provider or online retailer wants to retrieve. The data is only passed on if the user confirms it. Users no longer have to go through the hassle of identifying themselves in other ways (e.g., by mail or video ID) or retype their data each time.

What we really appreciate about working with bluesource is that they proactively bring new ideas from your experience. They listened very well and therefore understood our needs correctly. The team is easy to reach and feedback is quick.
Iulia Bantoiu, Head of Identity Products, PSA Payment Services Austria
Icons that stand for easy, personal and secure identification in ich.app.

The advantages of the ich.app

The data of all persons who have an account with an Austrian bank or use ID Austria has already been verified. This is exactly what the ich.app does, making many applications and services much easier and more convenient. The security of the data and the sovereignty of the users over their data is also preserved.

The possibilities of the ich.app can be used for every conceivable application - from age verification and check-in to registrations and admissions to patient registration in the healthcare sector or new customer registration in mobile communications, for example. Users do not have to create a new profile for each application and decide for themselves which data they want to share with which application. Logging in couldn't be simpler.

ich.app is a companion for everyday digital life that you can identify with.

For service providers, the ich.app with its shorter registration process and simple login increases the conversion rate and prevents cancellations. The quality of the data is many times higher thanks to the identity data confirmed by banks or authorities, which also prevents fraud and reduces losses.

With the ich.app, data and business processes are DSGVO-compliant. The data of the customers or users does not have to be stored with the acceptance partners. And integration into the website of the acceptance partners is extremely simple.

Advantages and possibilities illustrated

This video additionally illustrates the advantages and possibilities for ich.app users.


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