loyalty made easy

Digital loyalty and loyalty cards app in one

Mobile customer retention

What started as a loyalty cads app has become a tool for customer retention.

mobile-pocket for users

mobile-pocket users can digitize their loyalty cards and manage them in a single “digital wallet”. Users can digitize their plastic cards quickly and easily. Even cards for which no template is available in the app catalogue can be added without problems. Moreover, users can sign up for new cards and use them right away in the app. From XXXLutz, over to MediaMarkt, from Möbelix to Sutterlüty and Transgourmet, or Dorotheum and Morawa- thanks to mobile-pocket, users have their cards at hand when they need them. The integration of the Bluecode payment system makes shopping smarter than ever.

mobile-pocket for brands and retailers

Mobile-pocket allows brands and retailers to reach out to their loyal customers and deliver them offers, discounts or vouchers directly on their smartphones. This is real-time, targeted and location based customer communication. Multiple targeting systems allow to address the right customer group with the right offers. Especially for retailers mobile-pocket offers many options to reach customers efficiently and with little means. Learn more about it on

mobile-pocket for wallet providers

Wallet providers can add more value to their wallets thanks to mobile-pocket. By integrating mobile-pocket they are provided with a fully managed mobile loyalty service which serves as mobile payment enabler as well. Learn more about it on

Geofences, addressing customers at the right time and the right place

Attracting customers’ attention to an offer or a brand in a specific place at a specific time? mobile-pocket makes it possible. The customers’ smartphones access their locations  in real-time, so that customers can be informed about offers, vouchers, and discounts directly on the mobiles on site or around the POS.e.

Bluecode: mobile payment made easy

The integration of the mobile payment system Bluecode makes shopping with mobile-pocket smarter than ever. Bluecode works through direct debiting with every Austrian bank and is already accepted in 85% of grocery stores. Therefore, smart customers do their shopping in mobile-pocket.


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