loyalty made easy

The platform for mobile customer retention is the key to a successful mobile customer communication.

Mobile customer retention

mobile-pocket is a platform for mobile customer retention, which connects users, brands & retailers, wallet providers and content aggregators.

As user

The mobile-pocket loyalty cards app brings order into the loyalty cards chaos. Users can scan barcodes and QR codes of their loyalty cards and digitize them, all usual benefits of registered customers are ready to use. Whether it’s XXXLutz, Hartlauer, Thalia, Sutterlüty, MediaMarkt, Möbelix, Saturn or Tchibo, all loyalty cards are at hand. Even those not included in the card catalogue of mobile-pocket can be easily added and used with just a few clicks. The payment integration Bluecode makes shopping smarter than ever before.

As a brand and a retailer

Easy, fast and mobile, that’s how retailers and brands grow their customer retention with mobile-pocket. The app offers plenty of possibilities with little resources to retailers that want to address their target groups, with real-time, location-based and tailored communication.

Find out how to communicate with your loyal customers

As as wallet provider

By integrating mobile-pocket you are provided with a fully managed mobile loyalty service which enables mobile payment. Find out how to give more value to your wallet

As a content aggregator

mobile-pocket distributes your content to your customers. Learn about how you can benefit from the user base of mobile-pocket on our website

Modern customer communication through geofences

mobile-pocket allows direct communication with your customers through geofence notifications around your store. Info, pictures and deals are delivered to your customers through the mobile-pocket app as soon as they approach the store.

Easy mobile payment with Bluecode

The integration of the mobile payment Bluecode makes shopping with mobile-pocket smarter than ever. Bluecode works by direct debit with every Austrian Bank and is already accepted in 85% of grocery stores. Smart customers do their shopping in mobile-pocket. 


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