RaiPay and mobile-pocket

The Raiffeisenbank Group Austria integrates the leading customer loyalty platform mobile-pocket into its payment app RaiPay.

Three smartphones with screens of the RaiPay app of the Raiffeisen Banking Group Austria

You're standing at the checkout and want to pay. The lady at the checkout asks, "Do you have a customer card?" Yes. But where? Thanks to the integration of mobile-pocket into the payment app RaiPay, customer cards, discounts and promotions of a retailer can now be found exactly where you need them - directly in the app, which you then also use to pay.

Integration in record time - minimal effort for customers

Our customer loyalty platform mobile-pocket has long been able to do something that is practical for consumers and is becoming increasingly important in the retail sector in general. For the Raiffeisen Group Austria, we implemented the technical integration of our platform in record time, within two weeks. And with minimal effort for our customer Raiffeisen.

Solution on which retail already trusts

"Our challenge was to provide RaiPay users, with a simple setup, access to the top trading companies," explains Martin Sprengseis-Kogler, Managing Partner at bluesource. "We implemented all of this within one update, with hardly any strain on the bank's resources." Together with Raiffeisen, questions such as "What does the wallet or banking of the future look like?" or "What services do users* expect from the bank and not exclusively from BigTechs such as Apple or Google?" were discussed and considered before implementation. "In the future, the banks' partnerships will lie with retailers and brands," Sprengseis-Kogler knows. This made it all the more important for Raiffeisen to rely on a cost-effective technology and platform with RaiPay and mobile-pocket, which the retail landscape already trusts internationally and which represents the standard.

Maximum convenience at checkout

To display the customer card, users open the RaiPay payment wallet directly at the checkout. This ensures that they also pay with RaiPay and enjoy the highest possible convenience during checkout.

International rollout as a central element

mobile-pocket is an internationally scalable platform that comes as fixed-ready software with many options for customization. "An international roll-out was a central element in the selection process for the Raiffeisenbank Group Austria and is a core concept with this provider," knows Managing Partner Sprengseis-Kogler. Scalability in terms of club and membership cards is unlimited. "Retail companies love this offer," says Yannick Hofer, Sales Manager Retail. "It hits the nail on the head."


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