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Financial technologies

We are the first point of contact for innovations in the areas of financial technology (FinTech solutions) and insurance technology (InsurTech solutions) as well as innovative banking solutions.

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A1 Mastercard App paybox bank

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Bluecode Mobile Payment

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Bank wallets

Mobile apps for the financial industry

For more than 20 years, we have been developing customized mobile commerce and payment software solutions. Our customers benefit from our outstanding technical expertise in this area.

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What is feasible? What makes sense? What can the solution look like? With our comprehensive industry knowledge and the concentrated IT expertise of our developer team, we provide answers and options that are the basis for optimal decisions and correct prioritization.
With strategy to the (app) goal​​​​​​​
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Solution Design

Financial technologies can sometimes be very complex. Therefore, it is important to analyze requirements in advance, check feasibility and develop a system architecture that takes processes and structures into account and ensures optimal interaction.
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User Experience Design

A smooth user flow gives app users security. That's why we place a special focus on information architecture, interaction design and layout when designing and implementing mobile solutions for banks, insurance companies and financial service providers.
Exceeding user expectations​​​​​​​
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Software development

We develop individual (mobile) software that is precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers. Our experience and expertise in the field of financial technology are vast and include both B2B and B2C solutions. mobile-pocket proves our ability to deal with complex systems.
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Analytics, Data & AI Applications

Forward-looking innovations, especially in terms of technology development, are essential for the financial industry. Our research and development and our solutions are key to this. We combine a wide range of technologies (from AI to VR) and process complex and massive amounts of data.
Achieve even more with data
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Security by Design

We integrate security into every one of our considerations from the very beginning. This is how we create software solutions that are designed with security in mind from the ground up. Security by design should underlie all financial technologies to make them impervious to attacks.

Our sector focus

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Banks & Insurances

We develop mobile solutions for banks and insurance companies.

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Commerce & Advertising

We have solutions for digitalization in commerce and advertising.

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Industry & Business

Industry and business rely on our mobile solutions.

We are ISO certified

Security plays a decisive role not only in the financial sector but also for us. That is why we are ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating the highest security standards and professional IT security management in accordance with globally recognized IT security standards.


Financial technologies are booming

Whether big player or start-up, bank or insurance company: secure your place in the market!

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